In the late summer of 2020, our friend John DiPietro decided to do an interview series that he titled “My Live With Kenny Rogers” where he has interviewed several members of the Kenny Rogers musical family, which is quite large. His efforts in this area are and will prove to be a terrific historical archive of those “behind the scenes” stories and adventures of the team that helped put the show on the road.  Here is the interview that John did with me, hope you enjoy. 


Here is a great interview that was conducted with a terrific interviewer from New Jersey, John Henry Soto. It’s a little over an hour in length, but you may find it interesting. 


In Glens Falls, NY on December 17, 2017 unbeknownst to any of us, this happened to be the final concert that we performed with Kenny Rogers. As it happened, a long time friend, John DiPietro was there to visit with us and decided to do interviews with all of the members of the band plus Linda Davis, and actually did a personal video of that final concert. Below is the interview that he did with me that afternoon, you may enjoy it